Fixture List for Roger Murie

The following list of fixtures will be officiated by Roger Murie. If there are any issues please contact the Divisional Representative for that fixture.

CompetitionWeek Tip OffHome TeamAway TeamCo-Officials
League 01 Oct 2018Tue 20:00pm Cardinal Langley 1St Helens I.Bankevics
League 08 Oct 2018Mon 20:15pm Manchester Kings 2Preston Pride 2 B.Husein
League 15 Oct 2018Tue 20:00pm Oldham TitansChorlton Jedis S.Viveash
League 29 Oct 2018Mon 20:15pm Oxford PhoenixOldham Titans T.Muldoon
League 12 Nov 2018Wed 20:15pm Moss Side TropicsCardinal Langley 1 T.Bellamy-Hibbert
League 19 Nov 2018Tue 20:15pm Rossendale RaptorsManchester Lynx 1 J.Augustine
League 19 Nov 2018Wed 20:15pm Moss Side TropicsChorlton Jedis J.Bow Butters
League 26 Nov 2018Thu 20:00pm Free City YMCABury Bluedevils J.Bow Butters
League 03 Dec 2018Wed 20:15pm Moss Side TropicsOxford Phoenix J.Vickerstaff
League 10 Dec 2018Mon 20:15pm Oxford PhoenixCardinal Langley 1 I.Bankevics
League 07 Jan 2019Mon 19:45pm TraffordOldham Titans J.Bow Butters
League 07 Jan 2019Thu 20:15pm Preston Pride 1Mavericks I.Bankevics
League 21 Jan 2019Tue 19:15pm Padgate GiantsRibble Valley Knights F.Howaet
Cup 21 Jan 2019Thu 20:15pm Preston Pride 2Cardinal Langley 1 L.Figueiredo
League 28 Jan 2019Wed 20:15pm Moss Side TropicsOldham Titans J.Vickerstaff
League 11 Feb 2019Tue 20:00pm Cardinal Langley 1Free City YMCA F.Wallace
League 11 Feb 2019Wed 20:15pm Myerscough CollegeBury Bluedevils T.Muldoon
League 18 Feb 2019Tue 19:30pm Bury BluedevilsSt Helens C.Wilson
League 18 Feb 2019Thu 20:00pm YMCAMoss Side Tropics J.Bow Butters
League 04 Mar 2019Mon 19:45pm TraffordChorlton Jedis J.Bow Butters
League 04 Mar 2019Tue 19:15pm Padgate GiantsManchester Heat F.Howaet
League 04 Mar 2019Wed 20:15pm Moss Side TropicsMyerscough College S.Viveash
League 01 Apr 2019Mon 19:30pm Chorlton JedisCardinal Langley 1 J.Bow Butters
League 01 Apr 2019Wed 20:15pm Myerscough CollegeTrafford D.Mann
League 08 Apr 2019Mon 19:45pm TraffordSt Helens L.Figueiredo
League 08 Apr 2019Wed 20:15pm Moss Side TropicsBury Bluedevils J.Bow Butters
League 15 Apr 2019Tue 20:00pm Oldham TitansTrafford F.Wallace
League 15 Apr 2019Wed 20:15pm Myerscough CollegeMoss Side Tropics J.Vickerstaff
League 22 Apr 2019Tue 19:45pm MavericksPreston Pride 1 S.Viveash
League 29 Apr 2019Wed 20:15pm Moss Side TropicsSt Helens M.Jennings
League 06 May 2019Thu 20:00pm Free City YMCACardinal Langley 1 L.Figueiredo
Play-Off 13 May 2019Sun 16:00pm Moss Side TropicsFree City YMCA P.Walton / D.Walsh Snr
Play-Off 13 May 2019Sat 14:00pm Preston Pride 1Stockport Atlas D.Walsh Snr

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