Mens Championship Division History

The division and play-off winners and runners up for previous seasons are shown below.

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Table containing the division and playoff winners from past seasons.
SeasonDivision WinnerDivision Runner UpPlayOff WinnnerPlayOff Runner Up
2020-2021 season cancelled season cancelled season cancelled season cancelled
2019-2020 season cancelled season cancelled season cancelled season cancelled
2018-2019 Preston Pride 1 Blackpool Preston Pride 1 Blackpool
2017-2018 Oldham Titans Oxford Phoenix Oldham Titans Cheshire Hornets 1
2016-2017 Tameside Tiberwolves Myerscough Colege Tameside Timberwolves Myerscough College
2015-2016 Bury Bluedevils YMCA St Helens Bury Bluedevils
2014-2015 Free City YMCA YMCA Bury Bluedevils Free City YMCA
2013-2014 Preston Pride 2 Chorlton Jedis Chorlton Jedis Preston Pride 2
2012-2013 Preston Pride 2 Bury Bluedevils Warrington Vikings Preston Pride 2
2011-2012 Bolton Lads Oxford Phoenix Bolton Lads Warrington
2010-2011 Rossendale Raptors Stockport Atlas Rossendale Raptors Stockport Atlas
2009-2010 Holmes Chapel Hornets Rainford Stockport Falcons Oxford Phoenix
2008-2009 Tropics 2 Stockport Atlas Tropics 2 Stockport Atlas
2007-2008 YMCA Trafford YMCA Trafford
2006-2007 Cardinal Langley Chorlton Jedi Canute 1 Cardinal Langley
2005-2006 Copley Phoenix 1 MMU MMU Copley Phoenix 1

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