Each season there are a selection of individual awards to be won.

Ryan Whalen Trophy

This award was started to commemorate the sudden and tragic death of Keith Whalen's (Oldham) son, a promising player himself. Keith asked if he could donate a trophy in his son's memory to be given to the young player of the year.

Season Winner Club
2018-2019 Connor Howell Our Ladys 2
2017-2018 Callum Brady Holy Cross
2016-2017 TBC TBC
2015-2016 Steph Cornell Holy Cross
2014-2015 - -
2013-2014 Curtis Brodie Whitefield Mavericks
2012-2013 Harris Ali Cardinal Langley
2011-2012 Ben Chicken Rossendale
2010-2011 Russell Hafidh Holmes Chapel
2009-2010 Jack Purdham Congleton
2008-2009 Theo Martins Bolton Lads and Girls Club
2007-2008 Luke Marston Oldham Titans
2006-2007 Liam Gibbons Oxford Phoenix

Ian Pollard Memorial Shield

The Referee of the Season award was replaced by the Ian Pollard Memorial Shield for the 2009-2010 season. This award is presented to a referee for his contribution to officiating in the Manchester League and is awarded in commemoration of Ian Pollard, FIBA referee, Committee member and friend of the MABL who passed away in 2009. Ian typified the role of referee and player and the awarding of this trophy mirrors his ideals.

Season Winner
2018-2019 Ingus Bankevics
2017-2018 John Breare
2016-2017 Colin Hindmarch
2015-2016 Steve Lee
2014-2015 -
2013-2014 Chris Gregory
2012-2013 Tommy Muldoon
2011-2012 Rick Dell
2010-2011 Fitz Wallace
2009-2010 John Johnson
2008-2009 Jonny Vickerstaff
2007-2008 Eugene Gilkes

Men & Womens Cup MVP

Awarded to the most valuable player during the cup final.

Season Mens Cup Womens Cup
2018-2019 - -
2017-2018 Ambokile Bell - Tropics Jade Lucas - Stockport Lapwings 2
2016-2017 Chris Pearce - Trafford -
2015-2016 Mark Rangley - Blackpool Lights Nicola Boardman - Holy Cross Angels
2014-2015 Jack Parr - Tameside Timberwolves -
2013-2014 Phil Hargreaves - Preston Pride 1 -
2012-2013 Greg Pearson - Cardinal Langley 1 -
2011-2012 Ploutos Vourliotis - Trafford -
2010-2011 Langstaff - Preston Pride 1 -
2009-2010 Ploutos Vourliotis - Trafford -

Coach of the Year

Season Winner Club
2018-2019 Michael Case Manchester Kings
2017-2018 Oliver Orr Tropics
2016-2017 Steve Lavallee Cardinal Langley

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