Mens Premier Division Team: Bury Bluedevils

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Contact Information

Robert Finlayson 0783 145 7185

Team Information

CourtBury Grammar School, Tenterden St, Bury .   BL90HH
Tip-OffTuesday 19:30pm
KitWhite or Blue
Bury Bluedevils Logo

Team Photo

Bury Bluedevils

Fixtures & Results

CompetitionWeek CommencingHome TeamResultAway TeamMatch Report
League 02/10/2017Tropics76 – 85Bury Bluedevils
League 09/10/2017Cardinal Langley 183 – 72Bury Bluedevils
League 16/10/2017Bury Bluedevils103 – 77Chorlton Jedis
Cup 23/10/2017Oldham Titans84 – 68Bury Bluedevils
League 30/10/2017Free City YMCA80 – 94Bury Bluedevils
League 13/11/2017Bury Bluedevils71 – 85Myerscough College
League 20/11/2017St Helens45 – 58Bury Bluedevils
League 04/12/2017Blackpool85 – 71Bury Bluedevils
League 11/12/2017Preston Pride 169 – 71Bury Bluedevils
League 08/01/2018Trafford82 – 76Bury Bluedevils
League 15/01/2018YMCA85 – 94Bury Bluedevils
League 29/01/2018Bury Bluedevils79 – 107Tropics
League 05/02/2018Bury Bluedevils83 – 107Cardinal Langley 1
League 12/02/2018Chorlton Jedis49 – 69Bury Bluedevils
League 26/02/2018Bury Bluedevils80 – 87Free City YMCA
League 12/03/2018Myerscough College81 – 74Bury Bluedevils
League 19/03/2018Bury Bluedevils54 – 69St Helens
League 09/04/2018Bury Bluedevils90 – 83Blackpool
League 16/04/2018Bury Bluedevils99 – 56Preston Pride 1
League 23/04/2018Bury Bluedevils82 – 87Trafford
League 30/04/2018Bury Bluedevils101 – 57YMCA
Playoff SF 14/05/2018Myerscough College67 – 68Bury Bluedevils
Playoff QF 14/05/2018Cardinal Langley 164 – 66Bury Bluedevils
Playoff Final 14/05/2018Tropics93 – 70Bury Bluedevils

Team History

Bury has a strong tradition in the MABL, entering the league back in 1991 as the Bury Grammar School Old Boys (BGSOB). Over the years players were recruited and it wasn't until 2002/3 when they captured their first league title, following this up with three more wins in 2003/4, 2004/5 2005/6 winning the title four consecutive times and winning the playoffs twice, forming rivalries with Stockport, Moss Side and Preston. During this time Bury had a team in the premier and division two, a reminder of the talent around in Bury. The Premier league squad included players such as Brad Watmaugh, Stuart Jackson, Stephen Graham, Dave Kingsley and Mike Nichols, the latter now plays and coaches the reincarnation team, the Bury Blue Devils. A special mention goes to Robert Finlayson who at the age of...well he is older than 50, has been around since the beginning and still has a deadly jump shot and still puts some youngsters to shame.

The Blue Devils decided to go National league in 2007/8 and continued to compete in the MABL premier league, withdrawing their second team from MABL division two to allow a balanced squad for both teams. They competed Nationally until the 2010/11 season when the team had to fold due to financial difficulties, a factor that ultimately takes so many other teams away from National league competition.

The Bury Blue Devils entered the MABL league in the 2011/12 season in Division 2 and were promoted after winning the division and competed in div 1 for the 2012/13 season. They were up for promotion, finishing a respectable second but a restructure will see them compete in this year's Championship division. Throughout the years the team has always competed at Bury Grammar school for boys and it was only last season that shower heads were installed in the changing rooms after eight years! Ah the rewards of competing in the MABL!

The 13/14 season was one of medioracy for the Blue Devils, finishing the season with a semi final loss in the playoffs to eventual winners Chorlton but finishing third in the division. Bury made personnel changes with players such as Graham Greene wanting to play at a higher level. He was "lost" to National league division four team Lancashire Spinners. We wish him the best. Mike Nichols continues to play and coach with Bob Finlayson doing a sterling job as secretary, something he's been doing since the formation of the club.

The 14/15 season saw the Blue Devils sharing home court with Division one side Mavericks who had lost their home court. This arrangement works well because some of the Mavericks have come through the Bury Junior system so players such as Ajaz Wadood get to "come home". Psychologically the Mavericks get to practice against better players that aids improved play and confidence while Bury benefit from competing against a team at training every week and again can only aid improvements. The two teams share costs of court hire which again is a bonus.

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