Fixture List for John Stainton

The following list of fixtures will be officiated by John Stainton. If there are any issues please contact the Divisional Representative for that fixture.

CompetitionWeek Tip OffHome TeamAway TeamCo-Officials
League 01 Oct 2018Wed 20:15pm Our Ladys 2Cheshire MMU 2 J.Jackson
League 29 Oct 2018Tue 19:45pm Manchester Lynx 1Manchester Lynx 2 M.Casson
League 05 Nov 2018Mon 19:15pm ThornleighManchester Kings 2 F.Howaet
League 03 Dec 2018Fri 20:30pm Stockport StarlingsHoly Cross Angels K.Johnson
League 14 Jan 2019Fri 20:30pm Stockport OwlsStockport Starlings J.Cihlar
League 21 Jan 2019Mon 19:15pm ThornleighPreston Pride 2 M.Thompson
League 18 Feb 2019Fri 20:30pm Stockport OwlsManchester Lynx 2 B.Husein
League 18 Mar 2019Fri 20:30pm Stockport OwlsManchester Lynx 1 J.Jackson
League 15 Apr 2019Mon 19:15pm ThornleighCanute M.Thompson

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