Mens Division 2 Fixtures 2017-2018

The remaining fixtures are listed below. If there are any issues please contact your divisional representative.

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Week: 27th November 2017

CompetitionTip OffHome TeamAway TeamRefereeUmpire 1Umpire 2
Cup Mon 19:45pm Trafford Tropics M.Hague J.Vickerstaff… N/A
Cup Tue 20:15pm Blackpool Cardinal Langley 1 T.Bellamy-Hib… T.Muldoon N/A
Cup Wed 20:15pm Our Ladys 1 Oxford Phoenix R.Murie C.Stainton N/A
Cup Wed 20:00pm Cheshire Hornets 1 Oldham Titans M.Jennings J.Benstead N/A
Cup Thu 20:00pm YMCA Chorlton Jedis F.Wallace L.Figueiredo N/A
Cup Fri 20:15pm Cardinal Langley 3 Free City YMCA D.Walsh Snr M.Rudkowskyj N/A
Cup Fri 19:30pm MMU Cheshire Stockport Atlas M.Jennings J.Benstead N/A
Cup Fri 19:45pm Mavericks Our Ladys 2 D.Walsh Jnr M.Aghatabay N/A

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